Legume Category Growing Guide


Depth to Plant Seeds: 1"
Seed Spacing: Bush varieties - 4" apart. Pole varieties -  if growing on a teepee style trellis, plant 3-4 seeds a few inches from the bottom of each teepee pole (don't plant all 3-4 seeds in the same spot - space them out around the outside of the pole).
Row Spacing: Bush varieties - 8". Pole varieties - 3" apart (if trellising in rows rather than growing on teepees).
Watering: Water less when planting (so that seeds don't rot in the ground), then increase to average watering when the plants flower. Increase to heavier watering during harvest time.
Special Considerations: If young bean plants are attacked by insects, don't give up! Bean plants are surprisingly resilient and will often grow into big, healthy plants despite initial pest damage.

Depth to Plant Seeds: 1"
Seed Spacing: 1" in a zigzag pattern
Row Spacing: n/a
Watering: Water normally until plants begin to blossom, then reduce water.
Special Considerations: trellis.

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