Other Category Growing Guide

Depth to Plant Seeds: Cover lightly or surface sow.
Seed Spacing:  Sow a few inches apart and then thin to 18"-24" when they're a few inches high.
Row Spacing: 18"-24"
Watering: Water regularly.
Special Considerations: Amaranth can be grown as a vegetable or grain depending on the variety.

Depth to Plant Seeds: Barely cover.
Seed Spacing: Start indoors and plant transplants 8" apart.
Row Spacing: Plant in rows 12" apart (6" from sides of raised bed box).
Watering: Water heavily and steadily.
Special Considerations: Celery is included in the "other" category because it needs heavy, steady watering and plenty of nutrients in order to grow properly. It can be grown with other crop rotation categories, but keep it's water and nutrient considerations in mind. I would consider growing celery with your "leaf" or "root" rotation groups. You would probably not want to grow celery with your "fruit" category because of it's heavy watering needs (melons don't like too much water during ripening, and too much moisture around your squash plants can promote powdery mildew). You probably wouldn't want to grow celery with your "legume" category either because it will deplete the nutrients in the soil, which will be planted the following year with "leaf" category plants, which thrive on nitrogen.

Depth to Plant Seeds: 1"
Seed Spacing: 8"
Row Spacing: 8"
Watering: Water regularly; increase water when flowering begins.
Special Considerations: Is a heavy feeder. Apply plenty of compost to the soil the fall prior to planting if possible. Add more compost before planting.

Depth to Plant Cloves: 2"; make sure pointed end is up.
Seed Spacing: 6"
Row Spacing: 6" (farther apart if your soil isn't as fertile)
Watering: Has lower water needs than other plants.
Special Considerations: Before freezing temperatures begin, mulch the garlic bed with straw (I like to use rice hay as mulch all around the garden because there aren't many seeds and if a few do sprout they're incredibly easy to remove). In the spring, remove the mulch, add a 1" layer of compost and then return the mulch to the bed (or leave it off if you prefer).

Depth to Plant Seeds: 1/4"
Plant Spacing: 6"
Row Spacing: 12" between rows (plant 6" from edges of raised bed boxes)
Watering: Water regularly.
Special Considerations: Start indoors or grow from starts purchased at a local nursery.

Depth to Plant Seeds/Transplants/Sets: Seeds - 1/4"-1/2". Transplants - 1/2". Sets - 1".
Seed Spacing: 3"-4" (1" if growing for scallions).
Row Spacing: 4", 6"-8" apart if planting sets. 8"-10" apart if planting transplants.
Watering: Regular, even watering.
Special Considerations:

Depth to Plant Seeds: Cover very lightly or just water them into the soil.
Seed Spacing: 2" (thin to 6" when plants are a couple inches tall)
Row Spacing: 6"
Watering: Water regularly
Special Considerations: Before cooking quinoa seeds, rinse several times to remove the coating of saponin. Rinse until water is clear and no longer looks soapy. Commercially available quinoa has usually been pre-rinsed.

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