Monday, February 11, 2013

Episode 1: Wherein Organigirl Monologues About Her Humble Beginnings

Hi! I'm Organigirl.

Years ago I planted some things in our neglected, overgrown, full-of-mile-high-weeds yard. They grew. They grew without the use of pesticides or weird chemicals or any chanting whatsoever.

I didn't use any fertilizers either, and it wasn't because I had anything against them - I was just lazy. The things grew anyway.

They grew a lot! So I harvested some of those things and they tasted delicious.

Suddenly, with plenty of warning (I mean, there were seed catalogs and garden tools everywhere...), I began to grow things like a madwoman, tearing out lawns and non-edibles right and left, having large loads of fresh dirt and organic compost dumped on my driveway (probably to the delight of my neighbors), and buying far more varieties of carrots than anyone could grow in a yard the size of mine (but I grew them anyway).

That's when I became...Organigirl! Armed with only heirloom seeds, dirt, and a few random garden tools, I aim to grow a jungle of organic edibles in my own backyard, and then eat them, all while fighting off the attacks of a vicious horde of angry garden gnomes hell-bent on avenging the honor of their ancestors! Apparently, they weren't too happy when I took out the lawn.

Anyway, stay tuned for Episode 2, where Organigirl introduces you to raised bed planting boxes, an essential part of your gnome defense plan, and attempts to win you to the green side.


  1. I am SO EXCITED to have found you! I'm in my last semester of college and working full time, so my priority after graduation (in May) is to FINALLY start growing my own vegetables. Reading through some of your blog posts has already inspired me. I really enjoy your "voice." I'm looking forward to actually applying some of this wisdom!

  2. KP - So glad you're enjoying it! I still have plenty to learn, but gardening is a great "learn as you go" hobby. Hope you find it to be as enjoyable as I do! Happy planting!